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Here's another positive experience with the Uniden HH940...
Actually used it once to call the CG from the middle of the bay (directing
them to a sailor who lost his rig on a 3.5 day at 3rd) - worked just fine.
Haven't shopped since then, but one nice feature is that there are no
knobs, only buttons. I would expect this to make it more waterproof since
it's easier to waterproof a button than a knob.
Keep it in the waterproof bag West Marine sells (shaped for a radio). Works
Has a battery level indicator.
I have an XSL seat harness with a large zipper compartment in the back. I
keep the radio, 6' and 30' of 4mm line, 2 flares, and the firefly 2 strobe.
It's a tight fit, but I just pack it and forget about it for weeks at a
time between radio battery checks. This way it's not a hassle, and I'll
never get lazy and leave it behind.

Ed Wilson
3rd Ave
Brown Vanagon
Forsythe/Naish, Mistral/Ezzy

>Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 14:41:46 -0700
>From: James.Paugh@eng.Sun.COM-DeleteThis (Jim Paugh)
>Just from personal experience, my Uniden 940 has held up perfectly
>after a season of use. I've got it in a dry bag (plastic) which totally
>keeps it dry. It's taken a beating as well. My safety pack got ripped
>~Jim Paugh

>From: (Michael Schuh)
>Subject: Rescue tested VHF and strobe
>was able to call and talk directly with the Coast Guard station located
>by SFO with my Uniden HH940 VHF radio. It cost me less than $200. I
>keep it in one of the $20 West Marine Aqua Safe water proof bags. I

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