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From: David Veach (veach@LANQuest.COM-DeleteThis)
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 08:09:47 PDT

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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 08:09:47 -0700
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After Carlos' story (and several other incidents, including one near miss
of my own over the last couple of years) I bought the HH940 last weekend
during West's sale. 1watt is no big deal on the bay as several other's
on the list have attested. As far as size goes, I put it up beside the
ICOM M1 and the HH940 is actually the smaller of the two. Yes the M1 is
slightly thinner but, where it counts, the 940 is much shorter. I think
mostly due to the shorter antennae. This enabled me to fit it in a small
tubular inflatable dry bag that I also purchased at West. It has several
solid attachment points that I plan to fasten to my PFD using a custom sewing
job of 1" webbing. The 940 _does_ have a constant battery indicator (I think
most of the newer radios do), charging indicator light, and seems to be pretty
solidly made.

So far, here's the make up of my new survival kit:

 - 4"x12" tubular inflatable dry pack "tube" - $13
 - Uniden HH940 VHF radio - $179
 - 3 meteor flares in a zip lock bag - $15
 - Firefly Strobe and extra set of batteries - $20
 - Survival Sausage - inflatable 6"x8' tube for signaling and also good to attach
   to rig for floatation if I ever have to ditch it ($12 from Wallin's Dive center,
   thanks for the tip to whoever posted that one :)
 - tow line
 - Extra whistle - $5

Believe it or not this all fits! I might even have room for a power bar :) The
total cost of everything above: about $250. (note: I did not get the Firefly II
which costs a lot more than the one I got for about $20 but seems to produce just
as much light but it's a little more bulky).

Thanks for all the tips and thanks again Carlos for sharing.


David L. Veach
Manager, Dev. Engineering

Voice: (510)354-0940 x33
Fax: (510)354-0950

47800 Westinghouse Drive
Fremont, CA 94539

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So people like the Uniden HH940 I gather...? I looked at one at West
Marine at the weekend - probably should have bought it - cheap at $179
and it was no tax at the weekend. Two things put me off it at the time -
its only 1W as opposed to most other handheld models which offer a 5W
mode, and also that I was told it didn't have a battery indicator (which
apparently it does). Sounds like 1W is enough to contact the CG is
you're sailing in the bay?

The other radio I looked at last year was the ICOM-M1. Its a 5W
transmit; don't know about battery indicator. Its also $80 more. Anybody
think its a better buy?

Great first session for me at 3rd on Saturday. Perfect 5.0 day (190#) -
couldn't ask for a better start to the season. Water temp didn't seem
bad either, although the wind chill was coolish further out. Great to be
back on the water.


Nick Rayner

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