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Nick_Rayner@Trimble.COM-DeleteThis writes:

<< So people like the Uniden HH940 I gather...? I looked at one at West
 Marine at the weekend - probably should have bought it - cheap at $179
 and it was no tax at the weekend. Two things put me off it at the time -
 its only 1W as opposed to most other handheld models which offer a 5W
 mode, and also that I was told it didn't have a battery indicator (which
 apparently it does). Sounds like 1W is enough to contact the CG is
 you're sailing in the bay?
 The other radio I looked at last year was the ICOM-M1. Its a 5W
 transmit; don't know about battery indicator. Its also $80 more. Anybody
 think its a better buy? >>

I have the ICOM-M1. I like the small size and weight which is what accounts
for most of the extra cost. It is 1W/5W switchable and has a low battery
indicator but not a meter. I would not go with a 1W radio if you are buying
this for emergency situations. The one downside on ICOM was extra battery and
accesory costs seemed really high. I think there was an accesory battery pack
that takes AA batteries but I didn't want to spend the $. An AA battery
adaptor would be great because you could use AA batteries with the built in
charge indicators and not worry as much about the whole NiCad headache of
draining and charging.


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