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Date: Thu Nov 12 1998 - 11:18:06 PST

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- Will Harper is trying to start a One Design racing
class in the Bay Area. I think this is a really great
idea. Especially if we have another crappy season like
last year....

- Anyway, if you're at all interested you should email
Will at


or stop by Berkeley Windsurfing and ask Will about it.
There's a long discussion on rec.windsurfing about it
if you want to get more background. If you don't know
how to get to rec.windsurfing I suggest you start

- Booker C. Bense

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Berkeley Windsurf & Snowboard wrote:

> Responding to posts on this topic, and more discussion about what the
> objectives of this class should be:
> Well, there are constant improvements in dingy and sailboat design too,
> look at the Melges 24 and the MX ray, and the 49er, these things are
> high tech hot rods, but look at the big fleets--Laser, Sunfish, J24 all
> 20 year old (or close) designs. It just has to be fun to sail, which,
> according to a lot of people, the IMCO aint (uh oh, here come the
> flames). No, seriously, it is unrealistic to try and have a fleet that
> will stay up to date technologically with the unlimited class, even for
> one season. None of the boards we have talked about will even be
> competetive against the latest customs in the spring. The objective is
> to have a class OTHER than IMCO, a board that will make a good light
> wind funboard/freerider or even first shortboard that is easier to
> transport and store than an IMCO, and more fun to sail/race in planing
> conditions. We have to be realistic, and some guys who are used to 13
> lb customs are not going to like the ride at first. Some simply WILL
> NOT sail such a board, but in order to appeal to large audiences, that
> is what the board must be. To the general public who have not sailed
> these things, they are Ferraris. Problem is, a street legal Ferrari is
> pretty hum-drum to a guy who has been driving formula one race cars for
> 5 years.
> So far I have talked to Seatrend and Fanatic, and they are very
> interested in getting involved and supporting the class as much as
> possible. I have yet to talk to Bic or Starboard. Mistral and F2 do
> not, in my opinion, have anything in production for '99 that fits the
> bill. I feel that the "new" generation of wide, early planing boards
> that can accomodate super long fins is what makes this class a possible
> success. I don't think it would work on an "old school" shape, but if
> that is what people want I will listen (then probably bow out and race
> unlimited next year).
> So far I have gotten some pretty positive response. What I need to see
> to make this happen is a firm commitment from 10 people at least BEFORE
> the end of the year. A firm commitment means a deposit on a board. If
> the class for any reason doesn't materialize, then all money would be
> returned. If I get more response I would like to call a meeting
> sometime next month to discuss the board choice, rules, etc. Please
> e-mail me if you are even thinking about participating, so I can judge
> the general response.
> Thanks!!!

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