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Hey Bay Area: This is what is taking place for 1999 in other countries and is
truly the future for quasi "one-design fleets". PWA, IFCA and IBSA have all
endorsed Formula Windsurfing (originaly developed by the French) as a new
competition format, which hopefully will be adopted for 2004 Olympics. Check
it out.
Michael Levine, President IFCA

The first event "World Formula Windsurfing" will take place in France from
6 to 12 september 1999.
The venue will be Crozon-Morgat in Brittany. It's a famous place for
watersports with different areas for courses. Funboard events are often
organised there as dinghy races.
This World event will be supported by Nautisme en Finistere which is well
known as involved in nautic development for many years. This association
already organised "La Torche" and many other events.
The first event of a new concept is always something which must be
followed. ISAF is interresting by this project and would be present by its
chairman of the Windsurfing Committee, Aaron Botzer. Lot of people talk
about a new format for Olympics in windsurfing. This event could be the
first step towards the definition of this new format.
We hope that all top competitors in longboard and funboard would be in
Crozon-Morgat to prove the viability of Formula Windsurfing and by this the
possibility to propose a new format for 2004 olympic games.

Before the FW Worlds will take place the Raceboard Worlds at the same

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Dear Friends

I have taken the liberty of sending this out because associations are now
holding their meetings to decide the program for 1999.
I hope you approve.

"At the 18-20 September Meeting of the International Sailing Federation
Executive, the following was minuted.

The President reported on a meeting which had taken place between ISAF and
those groups involved in funboarding, and an e-mail from IFCA dated 27
August 1998 was received.
At the meeting the concept of Formula Windsurfing, using one (short) board
and three sails was presented. The evolution of equipment has produced
short high volume boards that can be used in low winds, and plane in 6-8
knots. thus eliminating pumping. The use of three sails enables a wider
weight and size range of sailor to participate.
It was noted that racing would take place during 1999 in line with the new
formula, in order that the concept could be fully evaluated.

The need for windsurfing in the Olympics to be more reflective of the sport
around the world was discussed.

Decision The Executive Committee favourably received the report and
supported the concept.

IFCA NOTE: The ISAF conference is just in its closing days and when we have
the final report on which proposals were approved, you will receive full
details from IFCA.
The ISAF Events committee were very clear in the decision that Windsurfing
will be in the 2004 Olympics. The decision as to which board will be used
in the Olympics will probably be discussed in the November 1999 conference
and must be decided at the November 2000 Conference.

IFCA and IBSA will be working together to encourage all National
Associations to race the new concept as a part of your Funboard racing
program. Please ensure it is discussed fully at your meetings. IBSA has
arranged the holding of World (and European) championships next year,
subject to ISAF approval.
The Class rules will be included in the ISAF/IFCA rule Book.
For 1999, the minimum windspeed at the starts will be 7 knots and the race
director will have the sole right to decide when the weather conditions are
unsuitable to continue racing.
One registered Production (Fun) short Board and three sails, any size,
maybe used in any one event.
National associations are free to make tighter rules such as insisting that
competitors may only change their chosen board and sails once during a
season. This allows for changes in the range produced by their favoured
Racing will be governed by the 1999 ISAF Funboard Racing Rules.

IFCA asks you to work towards proving that this concept which brings all
our manufacturers and national associations together to work towards Athens
2004, is the right one for Windsurfing.

Any questions....ask IFCA or IBSA. "

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