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I usually use my helmet when it's really windy. When it's windy gear
starts flying around with a lot of force behind it. I've hit my head
before once, but the only real time I've been scared was when I didn't
hit it. I was just trying to waterstart getting the sail out of the
water when the whole board flew up out of the water. Then of course it
slammed back down--hard. The fin came down right next to my head nearly
impaling itself straight down on my head. Seeing as how I had a helmet
sitting inside my car that I forgot to put on, I decided to take that a
little more seriously. If it's not a high wind day I don't worry. It's
when gear starts flying around that I think it's very important.

Boy I hope Mr. Godsey is right about this weekend!!!

Greg Harris

Deleted wrote:
> Hi all!!
> Has anyone been hit on the head while windsurfing? I wear a helmet for
> moutain biking and other contact sports but never considered one for
> windsurfing..
> I see a few folks wearing helmets and I wonder if it is just to protect
> their teeth or are they actually worried about getting hit on the head?
> Does the mast hit you on the head or the nose of the board? I consider
> a hit on the head pretty dangerous but I am not yet sure this happens
> while windsurfing? I usually sail in deep water is the helmet for
> shallow water?
> I sail Natural Bridges and do the seaweed skid a lot.. My body goes
> flying over the nose of my board at amazing speeds but I have never
> hit my head. Looking for any info?
> Thanks!!!

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