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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 13:29:51 -0700
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Split eyebrow learning to backloop. Broke Nose learning to jibe.

I think that like all sports, when you are pushing it & trying new
stuff, you'll crash more & harder.

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My experiences include:
   hit on the head by mast after a big jump - about 5 times
   smacked in face/ear/head by boom after attempted jump/jibe - too many
   go over the handlebars while trying duck jibe or other move and get
   launched, hit head on mast/boom - too many to count
   smacked on head by rail of board - a few times
   smaked on head by bottom of board - few times, mostly while wave
   dig head into corral/sand - 2times while wave sailing
   run into by other sailors - once
   got in fight with surfers, who tried to hit my head w/fists - once at
   ft. point

so do I always wear a helmet - no. I wear my brain bucket when the wind
crankin' <5.0 sail size required (which is a lot of wind for my 207#).
When I try to loop, I wear it. I will also sometimes put it on when I
crowded locations - although lately, I have just been sailing upwind to
away from the crowd. I like the feel of the wind in my hair........ (Deleted) on 09/17/98 12:46:40 PM

Please respond to

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Hi all!!

Has anyone been hit on the head while windsurfing? I wear a helmet for
moutain biking and other contact sports but never considered one for

I see a few folks wearing helmets and I wonder if it is just to protect
their teeth or are they actually worried about getting hit on the head?

Does the mast hit you on the head or the nose of the board? I consider
a hit on the head pretty dangerous but I am not yet sure this happens
while windsurfing? I usually sail in deep water is the helmet for
shallow water?

I sail Natural Bridges and do the seaweed skid a lot.. My body goes
flying over the nose of my board at amazing speeds but I have never
hit my head. Looking for any info?


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