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I use a helmet in 2 scenearios. The main thing is preventing the mast boom
from making rapid contact with your (soft) head.
The first is big wind/chop and big waves where every now and then things
come unglued and happen VERY fast. You want to avoid being unconcious in
rough water where no one will notice you for awhile. This is basically
what happened to "Strech" at Waddell a few years ago.
The second is sailing in areas with lot's of other sailors with a
disproportianate quantity of idiots, and beginner/intermediate sailors who
can't control their gear. The most serious beaning I suffered was at
Shoreline in the dawn of time when I was first learning.

At 12:45 PM 9/17/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all!!
>Has anyone been hit on the head while windsurfing? I wear a helmet for
>moutain biking and other contact sports but never considered one for
>I see a few folks wearing helmets and I wonder if it is just to protect
>their teeth or are they actually worried about getting hit on the head?
>Does the mast hit you on the head or the nose of the board? I consider
>a hit on the head pretty dangerous but I am not yet sure this happens
>while windsurfing? I usually sail in deep water is the helmet for
>shallow water?
>I sail Natural Bridges and do the seaweed skid a lot.. My body goes
>flying over the nose of my board at amazing speeds but I have never
>hit my head. Looking for any info?
Scott Winkler
200#, ASD, North Spectra
650 917-9674

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