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Subject: Re: HIT ON THE HEAD
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Yep, lots of times, usually while jumping. I've slammed the side of my
head against the mast. Doesn't seem to matter if hooked in or not, I've
done both. My favorite is the around the world (mast) hooked in while 5'
in the air.

I wear mine all of the time, cause some of my worst episodes were when it
was light 5.5ish, and it picked up all of a sudden, esp. on a broad
downwind reach, like upwind in the Channel trying to get back to the
launch. I figure you can't swim unconsious, so I'm going to have that
extra margin of safety with the helmet. Personally, I prefer a helmet
over a PFD for that reason, but don't let me start the helmet v. PFD


>Hi all!!
>Has anyone been hit on the head while windsurfing? I wear a helmet for
>moutain biking and other contact sports but never considered one for
>I see a few folks wearing helmets and I wonder if it is just to protect
>their teeth or are they actually worried about getting hit on the head?
>Does the mast hit you on the head or the nose of the board? I consider
>a hit on the head pretty dangerous but I am not yet sure this happens
>while windsurfing? I usually sail in deep water is the helmet for
>shallow water?
>I sail Natural Bridges and do the seaweed skid a lot.. My body goes
>flying over the nose of my board at amazing speeds but I have never
>hit my head. Looking for any info?

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