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On Thu, 17 Sep 1998, Deleted wrote:

> Hi all!!
> Has anyone been hit on the head while windsurfing? I wear a helmet for
> moutain biking and other contact sports but never considered one for
> windsurfing..
> I see a few folks wearing helmets and I wonder if it is just to protect
> their teeth or are they actually worried about getting hit on the head?
> Does the mast hit you on the head or the nose of the board? I consider
> a hit on the head pretty dangerous but I am not yet sure this happens
> while windsurfing? I usually sail in deep water is the helmet for
> shallow water?
> I sail Natural Bridges and do the seaweed skid a lot.. My body goes
> flying over the nose of my board at amazing speeds but I have never
> hit my head. Looking for any info?

- Well, personally I always wear a helmet. Even when blasting around
on flat water in 14 knots.
- This is mostly because I've picked up enough concussions along the
way that I need to be careful. ( Mostly from skiing and bicycle
racing ). With concussions there a cumlative effective that makes you
more subsceptible to getting further damage. (ie. the more concussions
you're had the easier it is to get another one. ) I've had my bell
rung from just being slammed into the water at 25 mph when going over
the nose.

- Obviously, it's not life threatening to sail without one. Still
there are lot's of freak events that occur and at 20-25 mph there's
enough energy involved to kill you. If you do decide to get a helmet
I highly recommend the Casade helmets.

- Booker C.

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