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Hi Frank,
                If you get this message I owe you a six pack of you favorite!!
Last Night after an hour of sailing at 3rd I was headed out to the Channel for
another run and my universal did a little slide foward and bam I had a mast/board
seperation. Now I always check my gear before starting but my current theory is a
2 year old one screw universal might be a little outdated for bump and jump
sailing..and perhaps an extra twist with rubber mallet was in order after sailing
an hour or so? I don't know. My board is an F2 spuntnik and I was using a 6.5
sail. I have plug at both ends of the mast-track that is supposed to stop this
from happening but it slid forward with such force the plastic trap blew
out.....and their I was all wet in big swells getting thrashed. A few months ago
I was smart enough to employ a little piece of rope to keep my board and sail
together..this helped save me as although not at peak ebb we had some strong

My 6.5 is an old sailworks and it gets very heavy as it tends to take on water in
the luff. Frank saw me go down and without his assistance I would have never been
able to re-attach my universal in the heavy swells.
Together we were able to balance the board on it's side and get everything screwed
back in. Frank saved me from losing gear and a long paddle and who knows what
else. I was up and sailing in about five intense minutes.

The lesson I learned...get a two bolt universal. Also thank god for people like
Frank who stop and help...despite being dragged downwind. If you know Frank or
Hank? give him a pat on the back! Ask him where I can send the beer? I am not
taking any chances so it is off to the store for a new universal!!


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