Re: Stolen Boards/Booms generally

Date: Wed Aug 26 1998 - 16:52:58 PDT

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<< My board and boom were locked to the roof of my car in the city and were
 stolen on Thursday night. >>

This is a good reason for us all to:

1) Record serial numbers in cases where they are stamped into the board or
mast so that gear can be identified and police can take action. We all might
run into trouble if we found our board at the launch but could only tell a
cop, "I really think I recognize that ding on the rail." With a serial number
we can all keep our eyes open and maybe i.d. some stolen gear.

2) mark gear in some way so it can be distinquished. I would tend to mark it
with a phone # which would also help if you have to ditch gear on the water in
an emergency. I've met a number of people who have lost boards or rigs
offshore during the last year and did not get them back. I also think I will
mark my gear in some subtle way that I can spot but that would be un-noticed
by a thief so that they won't have the chance to obliterate it.

Sorry to hear about the loss.


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