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Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 14:29:33 PDT

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On Sun, Jul 26 1998 22:21, Ed Scott wrote:

> Hey Matt-
> That was you in the channel today with those other 2 guys, wasn't it?
> After I gave you guys that line and got on shore, the Coast Guard
> Auxilliary peppered me with a bunch of questions. Unfortunately, I
> didn't catch those other dudes' names. Did you have a chance to tie his
> rig to his u-joint before the Coasties showed up?
> How come that guy didn't take the boat in?
> -Ed

Hi Ed,

Yes, that was me and my friends Flavio and Jon Berman out in the channel
yesterday. We managed to re-rig the sail, tie the mast base to the mast
foot and wrap a mast pad around the base to protect the board. Jon was
able to sail his board in about 100 ft before the mast base shifted on
the board and he fell in. About that time, the Coast Guard showed up so
I flagged them down and sent them to Jon. Jon decided to take a ride in
with them rather than risk damaging his new board by trying to sail it
in. I suspect he could have sailed the board in without much difficulty
if he really needed to.

The tip on tying the mast base to the mast foot when your u-joint breaks
is something everyone should know. In fact, I believe I learned that
tip from the wind_talk discussions.

The Coast Guard took Jon to the Coyote Pt Marina (along with another
injured windsurfer they picked up along the way). Some other nice
Coyote Pt windsurfer who was monitoring the Coast Guard radio band drove
to the Coyote Pt Marina and gave Jon a ride back to the old launch site
at 3rd Ave.

As for the first boat that stopped by, we had considered having Jon ride
in with them but we waffled too long trying to decide whether to ask for
a ride or try to sail the board in and they eventually left.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday and offering help and the tow line.
And thanks for talking to the Coast Guard also. From all the
discussions on wind_talk, it sounds like you have been helpful in a
number of rescues. I'm sure your efforts are greatly appreciated.
Please thank the various other people who stopped and provided
assistance also. It is nice to know that the windsurfing community can
be so helpful.


P.S. If you want your tow line kit back, I believe Jon still has it.
Jon is a 3rd Ave regular so perhaps he can give it to you the next
time you're there.

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