Re: What happened?

From: Ed Scott (
Date: Tue Jul 28 1998 - 00:13:01 PDT

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Subject: Re: What happened? 
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 00:13:01 -0700
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>Ed, that was me out there with the broken U-joint. Thanks for helping! Was
>it you who called the coast guard?


>I'm really glad they were there, good
>chance I would have damaged my brand new $1500 JP board trying to sail in.
>Jay was the one that picked me up at Coyote marina, he was right on top of
>things. There was some confusion as after I was on the boat they were
>looking for a guy in a red helmet but we figured my red vest got confused
>with "red helmet" Jay heard all this on the radio from shore and was
>waiting for the boat when it pulled in. I have your line in my van, I can
>put it in my vest and hand it back to you in the water if we don't meet on
>shore next time, I'm easy to spot, RED vest, BLUE helmet, BIG sunglasses.

Next time I'm taking names and social security numbers. I had no idea
the Coast Guard had been called, else I would've gotten on the radio
myself - I had it with me. I figured you were going to sail it in
yourself. I also figured after passing the 8 guys down next to you and
the boat, that it was under control, and you were gonna catch a ride with
the boat. At least one sailor mentioned to me that it was control, which
is why I didn't stop in the first place.

If a self-appointed expert wants to post a rescue protocol, I'd be happy
to follow it. Given that you guys had a strobe and line, I figured
lashing it together and paddling or sailing it in was no problem.
Frankly, I thought the wind was dying and I didn't want to add another
name to the list of rescuees.


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