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The number to call about 3rd street parking and restricted access and
flying golf
balls at 3rd st is:

The California Coastal Commision...let your tax dollars do the fighting
for you!!

Print the below out and hand it to the parking court. The CCC reports
to the
Big man..himself.

30531. The commission shall be responsible for the preparation of a
public coastal access program which includes the elements set forth
in this section and which, to the maximum extent practicable, is
incorporated into the local coastal programs prepared, approved, and
implemented pursuant to this division.
   (a) On or before January 1, 1981, the commission shall prepare a
coastal access inventory. The coastal access inventory shall be
updated on a continuing basis and shall include, but not be limited
to, the following information:
   (1) A list identifying lands held or operated for the purpose of
providing public access to or along the coast. Each listing shall
include a brief description of the type of access provided, access
constraints, access facility ownership, and resources or uses for
which access is provided or suitable.
   (2) A list of known offers to dedicate, accepted dedications, and
any other legally binding actions taken that provide opportunities
for any type of public use of or access to or along the coast. Each
listing shall include a brief description of the legal status of the
instrument granting or otherwise providing public access, whether
public access is physically available, and if not, what action is
necessary to be taken to accomplish actual public use.
   (3) A map showing the precise location of the listings included
pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subdivision.
   (b) On or before June 1, 1980, the commission shall, in
consultation with the Department of Parks and Recreation, the State
Coastal Conservancy, and other appropriate public agencies, make
recommendations to guide state, local, and to the extent permitted by
law federal public agencies in the identification, development, and
management of public accessways to and along the coast. The
recommendations made pursuant to this section shall be consistent
with the public access policies of this division and, with respect to
recommendations relating to development of public accessways,
consistent with the policy of protecting coastal resources.
   (c) On or before January 1, 1981, and from time to time
thereafter, the commission, in consultation with the State Coastal
Conservancy and other affected public agencies, shall identify the
public agency or agencies it deems the most appropriate agency or
agencies to accept responsibility for the management of those public
coastal accessways listed pursuant to subdivision (a) for which no
public agency has accepted such management responsibilities. In
identifying the agency or agencies most appropriate to accept public
access management responsibilities, the commission shall include its
best estimate of costs for the development, operation, and
maintenance of such accessways and shall recommend to the Governor
and the Legislature a method of funding such costs. In preparing its
recommendations for funding public coastal accessway operation and
maintenance costs, the commission shall develop alternative,
innovative funding techniques that take into account the
appropriateness of local funding for the operation and maintenance of
accessways that serve primarily local needs. If the commission
identifies a state agency as the appropriate agency to assume
management responsibility and such agency does not accept such
responsibility, the agency shall, by December 31 of the year in which
the commission completes its report, advise the commission of its
reasons why it did not or cannot accept such responsibility. The
State Coastal Conservancy shall take those actions it deems
appropriate, including necessary agreements, to negotiate or
otherwise accomplish the acceptance of management responsibility by
the agency identified by the commission.

k son wrote:

> Rio Rips!
> Sailed the sign late a.m.
> 8'1"/3.7/150#
> Big smooth swells until about noon.
> Graph looks like it's gonna blow all day.(again)
> Rio tally for this week:
> Mon pm: 4.5
> Tue am: 4.5
> Wed am: 4.5
> Thurs a.m. 3.7
> Cut work - go sail ;)
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