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Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 08:53:58 PDT

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On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Michael Schuh wrote:

> Can someone please fill me in on why the rules have changed at the old
> 3rd site. It used to be that you could park in the parking lot across
> the street a few years back. Well last year it was obvious that the
> lot was full with people working at the building there so I understood
> why they stopped letting us park there. Now this year we have a new
> tenant in the building. This new tenant is having his Pinkerton
> Security Team chase windsurfers off of the grass by the street. The
> Pinkerton employee claims that the grass belongs to the owner of the
> building. I don't agree with this, but have nothing to back up my
> belief with. Does any one know why they are chasing us off the grass
> and if it is really their right to do so?

- I'd guess that they do own that land, so they can enforce this.
Try and find out what the company does and we'll send them nasty

> The Pinkerton employee also
> said that it was illegal to park on the street side of the "no
> vehicles or dumping" signs. I am not exactly sure what the words on
> the sign are, but as I read them, we are not supposed to have our
> vehicles on the bay side of the signs. Anyone know what the rules here
> are? I understand that the "m" in the ordinance number on the sign stands
> for misdemeanor and you can be arrested and taken to jail on the spot
> for violating the posted code.

- Well, you can't park on the road, but AFAIK, the "no vehicles" means
"don't drive on the bike path". I think parking in the obvious places
is okay. Generally no vehicles and no parking are not the same thing.
I'm just guessing on this. I've never heard of anyone getting a ticket

- Booker C. Bense

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