Re: tide/current info for Crissy/Coyote/Rio

Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 11:08:56 PDT

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Subject: Re: tide/current info for Crissy/Coyote/Rio
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You can download the xtide program and run it on your pc from or
The unix version which I imagine is slicker and is usually a newer version
I downloaded the pc version from the ftp site. It was pretty easy and is a
good program which looks just like the old web page.
Jeff Milum
Sales Force Automation Sales Team
Western Region


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>Finally, I've got Xtide installed and running and generating daily tide
>reports for these three sites: tide for Rio and Coyote, current for Crissy
>(GG bridge).

Current would be good for all 3 locations. Jack Greenbaum's web page was
color coordinated, with ebbs shown in green. Maybe you could just grab
that code instead of rolling your own? That is, if anyone knows where
the code went.

What would really be nice is a java applet or application which does the
plots for whatever site you want so you don't have to connect to a server.

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