Wave Gash Pistol

From: steve shugart (steves@stealth.rose.hp.com-DeleteThis)
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 15:19:21 PDT

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Subject: Wave Gash Pistol
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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 98 15:19:21 PDT
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Made the yearly sojourn to Southern Oregon coast, Got there and the Wave Bash was going on. Sailed the Cape on Friday, used my Rave 5.3/Enduro 8.8, Had been sailing about two hours and was launching some major air off a Logo high wave and
all of the sudden out of my right comes a sailor, we were at the peak of the
jump. He hit me, we landed and I went swimming for my rig, after the one piece
body check. I thought he had gone right through the sail, but instead his
fin went right through my board, big gash from the tail of his board.

I sailed in so not to suck up too much water. then flagged him down and asked
what the hell had happened, because he was not close to me. What happened is
he said he was learning to back-loop. I think he was and he didn't rotate and
just flew with the gusty conditions into me, also we was pointing down and
I was pointup towards the Rock.

1) Keep your eyes peeled
2) Don't backloop unless you have alot of room, I always screw mine up.
3) I was real lucky not to have been gored by his fin.
4) If a person is in front and down wind of you and going out he should have the right of way.
5) Wave contests get everyone fired up that they are Jason Pryor.
6) People that damage your equipment should pay for the repairs, common courtesy.7) My 8'5" enduro was great to have as a backup, otherwise, I would have been
out of business.

 I was happy not to be injured, last time I sailed the cape I got 5 stitches in
the knee.


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