sherman winds

Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 09:38:49 PDT

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Subject: sherman winds
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Here are my observations about Sherman wind patterns:

Where there are strong N/NW pressure gradients,
windy cove and the jungle are good launches - the ideal is a flood tide
for the best ramps vs. Ebb in summer. COTW is very accurate
for NW winds at the delta.

When the wind has a strong W component, the access
will be better. When the wind has a strong S component,
powerlines/the sign will blow a bit better.
For dawn patrol, powerlines seems to blow about 30 min. longer
The sign seems to have the best ramps - best direction and the
biggest in size. For the PM session, the access seems to blow
a bit more steady and earlier.

When I do dawn patrol I use two data points. The first one is
look outside my bedroom window - I live in the Oakland hills. If the
fog is moving pretty fast and my chimes are ringing, the delta will
be happening; skip other checks, get coffee and drive.
If the fog is dense, not moving much and condensing
on everything, not much wind is to be expected: back to sleep.
The second data point that I use when the fog appears to be
moving up high and my chimes are not ringing is to call the
windtalker/look and COTW. If the top windspeed number is >20,
get in the car and drive, else return to warm sheets/covers/body;-)

I have been 95% right using this simple decision tree.

Last night was solid 5.2/8'8" Enduro (207#) at the access. Nice ramps.

Anyone hear any news on the levee project? I thought it was going to
be started by now....Z

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