Davis Point II

From: Jerry Gardner (jernmar@flash.net-DeleteThis)
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 09:59:51 PDT

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From: Jerry Gardner <jernmar@flash.net-DeleteThis>
Subject: Davis Point II

I have sailed Davis Point a few times over the past several years, always in
violation of the Prime Directive (never sail alone) and always ignoring the
various no tresspassing, no parking signs. I have yet to go this year. Today
will probably be the day.

I would be happy to see more people sailing there. And I understand from
Godsey that it is now legal to park and enter.

Get a map of Rodeo. Look for Lone Tree (or Lone Pine or Lone something) Park
(or Point). Drive to Rodeo. Cruise around until you find it. Its a small
town, so it isn't hard.

Rig big enough to get off the beach, but it is windier outside.

Hope to see someone there today.


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