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Took me 2 hours 35 minutes to do 2 miles. The wind wouldn't die, so
from 7pm to 8pm I paddled in almost the same spot. At 8 (dark) the
wind died and I did the last part in 35 minutes.
{rolled sail and booms, mast sunk)

Paddlin' Dave (my hero) proved that if the wind doesn't die it can
take 5 hours to paddle in. He went under the bridge at 8pm and came
up at the cement plant in Redwood City at 1 am. At midnight that night
the airport was saying 'west at 20'. yikes.

Plan to break down only in calm wind and water.

Took me 30 minutes to paddle the kayak from 3rd to Coyote Pt marina
today. Paddle is just not that fast.


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