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Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 08:45:12 PDT

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I think this idea has a lot of merit, but should be kept as simple as
possible to improve participation. It would be great if we could
agree on standardizing the signal. The signal should be something
every sailor would have with them, so sailors from out of the area
would be able to use the system. I suggest a sail bag spread out
on the dashboard of the car. Everyone has one, and putting it
on the dash should eliminate most misreads. It would also let
people know what type of sail to look for. We should post a
message on the notice board at Crissy (it is still there, isn't
it?), so all sailors could be made aware of the system.


Leo J. Bragagnolo, P.E.
Group Manager
EQE International

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