RE: Carlos' wetsuit

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Date: Tue Apr 14 1998 - 13:22:00 PDT

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This is my first time ever responding to a mail-list of any kind,
infact it took an embarassingly long time to (in a manner that worked)
get on the wind talk list.
Now that I've got that off my chest I can go on.............
With regard to the Carlos wetsuit post, I have to say that even in a
no-danger situation (like Shoreline, where, on last saturday I was
flying around at 'my idea of' warp speed) after afew hours I was
freezing uncontrollably and miserable and unable to get warm no matter
what. I'm thinking of getting a 4.3 wetsuit and a hood, as a
windsurfer (female) who learned at the end of last summer I'm not too
concerned about hypothermia because when I've gone out in the bay I'm
hugely cautious about how far off shore I venture, but freezing uses
(and wastes) alot of energy.
I'm wondering if women in general get colder then men, or if its just me.
Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to stay warmer I would
appreciate it, and I was also curios about the shirts that go under the
wetsuits incase I have trouble finding a heavier wetsuit that fits me.
Thanks, Darin
Subject: Carlos' wetsuit
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 1998 12:17PM

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From: Ken Poulton <>
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> From: Carlos Merino
> Subject: Re: what wetsuit?
> As you might have figured, I don't subscribe to wind_talk, so I've
> missed all questions/comments on my story. The truth is, I'm actually
> trying to forget about it!
> I was wearing a 5mm Pro-Motion wetsuit. It is a 3-4 year old wetsuit
> so it has some ventilation and is a bit worn out. Some of my friends
> kid me saying that it is time for a new one. I've sailed with it on
> the coast during the winter months and I never felt cold, so I think
> (I thought) it is/was still in good condition 'til that day.

In case you missed the original post, Carlos soon became hypothermic
when he lost his board - he probably would have died if his buddy had
not located him again. And yet, he felt fine during normal sailing
sessions. Dress for the water, not for the wind.

The one thing that you can adjust in the water is your headwear. It
helps a lot to carry a hood (not just a cap) and put it on immediately
if you have a breakdown. After seeing another sailor who "felt fine"
get hypothermic, I will in the future insist that anyone I'm assisting
put on my hood.

Dress for the water, not for the wind.

Ken Poulton

"I think I forgot this before." -- Steven Wright

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