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Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 22:26:51 PST

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From: (Jeffrey J. Anhalt)
Subject: Big Guy Board

>From: Kirk Lindstrom <>
>Any big guys have any ideas? Peter at ~160 was on a 5.0 KOA and 8'11"
>Forsythe and said he had fun, though I saw him swimming and walking
>too. Is there a board with enough flotation to get us back and still be
>fun at 3rd in an ebb or Coyote on a really gusty day? Same for
>Crissy....need a barge to get to the wind and then have a shape that can
>sail 25 knot winds.

As a fellow big guy at 240#, 6' 0", I am very impressed with the way my new
(five days so far) Xantos 295 II will stay on the water in high winds. I've
only ridden the Xantos 285 a few times, but the 295 II, with it's nose
rocker seems to take the waves better while still floating me through the

It does have it's limits though. I had it out at Candelstick on Saturday
with a 5.7 North Quattro, and believe I "exceeded the board's design
specifications" on a screaming reach in a gust that ended with a hooked-in
launch that ripped my starboard boom off. Luckily, my port side remained
for a very wobbly trip back to shore.

Speaking of big guy gear, and set ups - do you find that you keep your mast
track farther forward, and your harness lines shorter than some of the
"svelter" guys?

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