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Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 10:44:19 PST

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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 10:44:19 -0800
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I'm 215# 6'0 or so... My everyday board is F2 Ride 277 which is
supportive enough that I could shlog it reasonably well. I also
recently bought the Xantos 295, mostly as a learning board for my wife.
My sails are North Prismas 5.5 and 6.5, and a Zeta 4.7.

With this setup I don't really see myself using the Xantos too much,
unless I get a bigger rig and start sailing in lighter winds. The
problem is that while it is quicker to plane, I don't find it really
controllable once the wind picks up and the water gets choppy. It may
be OK at the Stick, but at Coyote it starts spinning out, bounce around,
and do other crazy sh...t once the wind gets to 16-18 knots.

Speaking of the setup, I do put my mast farther forward, boom higher up,
and I use the 18" long harness lines - helps me sit down in the harness
to get the board going. I also used to like it more with bigger fins,
but I attribute it more to my inexperience: it's only going to be my 3rd
season, and only the second "full-time" one.


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> Subject: Big Guy Board
> >From: Kirk Lindstrom <>
> >Any big guys have any ideas? Peter at ~160 was on a 5.0 KOA and
> 8'11"
> >Forsythe and said he had fun, though I saw him swimming and walking
> >too. Is there a board with enough flotation to get us back and still
> be
> >fun at 3rd in an ebb or Coyote on a really gusty day? Same for
> >Crissy....need a barge to get to the wind and then have a shape that
> can
> >sail 25 knot winds.
> As a fellow big guy at 240#, 6' 0", I am very impressed with the way
> my new
> (five days so far) Xantos 295 II will stay on the water in high winds.
> I've
> only ridden the Xantos 285 a few times, but the 295 II, with it's nose
> rocker seems to take the waves better while still floating me through
> the
> lulls.
> It does have it's limits though. I had it out at Candelstick on
> Saturday
> with a 5.7 North Quattro, and believe I "exceeded the board's design
> specifications" on a screaming reach in a gust that ended with a
> hooked-in
> launch that ripped my starboard boom off. Luckily, my port side
> remained
> for a very wobbly trip back to shore.
> Speaking of big guy gear, and set ups - do you find that you keep your
> mast
> track farther forward, and your harness lines shorter than some of the
> "svelter" guys?

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