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Date: Tue Apr 07 1998 - 09:03:05 PDT

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Subject: Re: Big Guy Board

Hey Kirk,
I'm only 185 so ...
My impression is that the Gecko 278 is a good big guy board.
I have one. I believe Windsurfing's 109 liter measurement -
almost as much as your Xantos 285. It's got lots of vee and
wide forward with sort of pintail at the back. I get annoyed
with it in Berkeley because it's slow to plane with a 6.7
and slow when moderately powered. I've had some really fun
4.7 sessions at Crissy (and some not-so-fun overpowered with 4.7).
I got really excited about this board for the first time when
I first tried a 12.5" blade and something 5.7 or less on the sail.
For small sails I keep the fin and back straps pretty far forward
and the mast track pretty far back. Makes for a really fun
``short wheelbase'' setup with plenty of pintail sticking back
for wheely control. This board can be set up many ways but like
your Xantos has the front straps too far outboard for ideal
high wind stuff. Not too bad though. Mine (``pure'') is heavy.

W. Bradley Light ----------------- light@nuc.Berkeley.EDU-DeleteThis

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