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Frdiay afternoon...I was out there checking out the Mavericks scene.

It's pretty humbling watching a bunch of surfers paddling towards monster
40 ft+ wave faces. The ocean was sick! There was a south wind that seem
to make the sets unridable!

But there was something moving around these Giant was a jet
ski and a toe-in surfer who seemed to have the sets wired! The jet ski
timed the sets just right where the surfer just dropped in and rode four or
five of these monsters during the hour that I was watching. The crowd on
the cliffs were in awe!! Then on the final wave that he rode....a 40ft
plus wave face just collapse on this poor soul!!! You can hear the crowd
cringed "Ohhhhhhh"!!!

Last time I saw this surfer pop up to the surface...he was washed over 1/4
mile from the impact zone. Luckily he hitched a jet ski ride back to the
I heard these guys were from Santa Cruz.

Got more pumped up when a few spectators pointed to what they believe were
windsurfers........I looked hard and

.....but turned out to be a small boat.

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Got on the water at 7:30, 4.4/8'6" glass, all by myself. Light rain and
strong wind. At 8, Bump City Mike (220#) showed up and sailed 5.8. I
was powered for an hour, died at 8:30, so I headed in. It went 4.0 all
of a sudden and started raining cats and dogs. Couldn't hold the 4.4
down anymore.

Re-rigged to 3.9. Rush hour at 8:30 for the second shift, most rigged
4.2's. Nice rampage just off the end of the pier. Made a few pathetic
attempts at jumping. I sailed the 3.9 until 11:30 when my arms and the
wind finally gave out. Got to de-rig in bright sunshine and no rain.

Got trusty Motrin on the desk beside me this morning.


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