Sherman Levee Closing/Construction

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Date: Mon Feb 02 1998 - 17:00:01 PST

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Subject: Sherman Levee Closing/Construction
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 98 17:00:01 -0800
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Sounds bad for this sailing season:

'Turmoil' seems to be the word that would best describe the beginning of
1998 for RVWA and Sherman Island. I will try to
explain my understanding of the the current situation. The politics are
confusing and the agencies involved are many.

The Army Corps of Engineers has decided that Sherman Island is the best
place to do a test of a new levee design. They plan on
tearing up the levee from 'Old Baja Road' to the entrance to the County
Park (see 'Sites' for more info). The new parking lot
that was just constructed will be destroyed by the project. The project
is slated to last from late April through September.

The goverment agency that owns most of Sherman Island is the Department
of Water Resources. The body responsible for the
maintenance of the levee system is the Reclamation District which is made
up of representatives for the various land owners.
The Army Corps project will save the Reclamation District from having to
repair this section of levee, easing the strain on
their budget.

We are allowed to park and sail on Sherman Island through the goodwill of
these two agencies. The land that our new parking
lot was built on is leased from the Department of Water Resources. Our
cooperation with the Department of Water Resources
and the Reclamation District is VITAL to our continued use of Sherman
Island for our recreation.

We are attempting to mitigate the loss of our existing sailing sites and
have the potential to end up in a much better position at
the conclusion of the project - with expansion of existing sailing sites
and the addition of new sailing sites.

Currently, we are working with the Sacramento County Parks Department to
expand parking and improve the facilities in the
County Park. We are working with the Department of Water Resources to
create a large new sailing site in the area of 'The

The various government agencies are spending many millions of dollars
repairing hundreds of miles of failing levees in the
California Delta. They will be taking a close look at the many factors
that cause damage to the levees. All of these agencies
will be on Sherman Island for most of the summer. It is IMPORTANT that we
do not give them reason to close Sherman
Island to recreational users.

It is IMPORTANT that we park only in areas designed for parking.

It is IMPORTANT that we do not park on the water side of the levee.

It is IMPORTANT that we do not move any of the rock structure that
protects the levee from the waves and wind.

It is IMPORTANT that we pay attention to others and inform them of our
precarious position. If we don't pay attention to the
details this year, we will not have the opportunity to in the future!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to give me a

Brian Geasa, RVWA Treasurer

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