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Sunday 1/18/98 Day #1 Pillar Pt 5.5/285

Pretty decent wind when I got there. Sail/baoard choice about right as I
was powered/OP'd 95% of the time. Managed 3 jibes in a row at one point
though they were mostly muscle jibes and not very pretty... Someone on
shore just before I went out measured it at 20G26 and it got stronger until
the lightning bolt and strong downpour combined to convince me to head for
warmer climes. Took a look at Mavericks (on foot) before heading back
downwind while I was waiting to see if the 30+ gusts would back off....It
didn't matter as the rain came. Not a long session, maybe an hr total with
35 minutes great sailing, but fun!

 "There is nothing more boring than normal man. Only the nuts are the
interesting people."
-Roman Polanski

Just another nut.....Kirk out
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