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>Pretty decent wind when I got there.

Yeah, me too. Kid woke up at 7:00. The wind woke him up! :) Checked
Pillar sensor. It was reading SE 8, but the SF and Pt. Arena buoys were
crankin'. Put on Rug Rats and bailed.

Got to Pillar at 8:15. 1 sailor, Tom, out on 5.8. One other onshore
rigging same. 5.8, I think, shit it's gonna be 4.0 before long! The
trees are whippin', and it's bright sunshine. I go grab a cup of coffee
at Roadhouse and Bump City Mike shows up. I'm still debating, and
meanwhile, Tom comes back and rigs 5.0. Two reaches trying to get out of
the cove clinches it for me. He can't get upwind he's so powered.

I rig 4.4/8'6" glass. Harry and Co. (Ken?) go with 4.7ish. Hit the
water around 9:15, and it just cranked. Perfect call. After slogging
past the pier, saw the Shred Queen making her way upwind from the east
side of the pier. We both head way downwind and pinch it to reach the
west beach area. Gawkers line up there near the Maverick's viewing area.
 The sailing is smooth and powerful. It was especially nice near the
west harbor entrance where there was a little swell to catch some air.

I was powered to way powered most of the time. Got spooky dark all of a
sudden, and it started raining around 11. Nice bracing stinging effect
at planing speed. I give the hi sign to the Shred Queen to go in for a
skipper's meeting, and just as I'm clearing the end of the pier, and huge
flash of lighting hits. I timed about 5 seconds between the flash and
the thunder, so I don't think it was that close, but ain't taking any
chances. I get off the water pronto.

Many sailors start leaving, complaining about the stinging rain. We
debate it, and decide to head out again about 11:20. The rain is really
coming down, and it's downright painful to sail. Stayed powered fairly
solidly the whole time. Visibility becomes a serious problem in the
driving rain, not to mention the pain of sailing. My friends report that
the Gath minimizes the problem. Maybe the next gear purchase.

About 12:20, a huge squall goes through and it picks up to at least 4.0,
if not 3.5, and starts clocking SW. The rain is completly unbearable for
me at this point and my arms are trashed, so it's time to call it quits.
I get slammed three times on my way straight downwind in, but survive the
trip. It's still wailing when I hit shore.

Ten minutes later, the wind dies and everyone bails.

Whattastart to the "season"! Gracias El Nino, just don't screw up our


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