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Date: Sun Dec 20 1998 - 16:40:51 PST

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Subject: cold!!!
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 98 16:40:51 -0800

Just got back from sailing at Palo Alto. Yikes, it was cold. Started
with a 5.2 at about 1pm, it was picking up and I was hopelessly
overpowered. Went down to a 4.2 which was perfect. Awesome sailing,
rippin' wind, but I damn near froze. It was great looking up and
seeing snow on the hills both to the west and the east. I hadn't
sailed in two months and I needed it bad. Just a few reaches was
enough to feed the jones, by then my hands were too cold to hold the

This was my first full season of windsurfing, and while March and
April were pretty frustrating, I did manage to get in about 75 sailing
days. Next year I'll shoot for three digits. I hit a few planing
jibes today which is a good way to cap off the season, but I think it
was less a matter of skill than sheer will power -- I REALLY didn't
want to be in that water.

Just two more months,

Martin Frankel     ||||     ||||     (650)933-6191

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