FIGHT SFO Expansion

From: Kirk Lindstrom (
Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 07:48:30 PST

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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 07:48:30 -0800
From: Kirk Lindstrom <>
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Subject: FIGHT SFO Expansion
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Interview on radio news today with someone and they said it was actually
ILLEGAL to use the public money to build the new SFO terminal without
having the remainder of the expansion plans approved (i.e. a
controversial new runway)! Want to guess who paid good contributions to
some election campaigns?

5 minutes before I hear the developer financed San Jose political
machine encouraging water conservation measures since SJ is putting too
much fresh water (flushing) into the SF Bay. They want us all to
conserve so we can get more high density buildings added (more taxes and
more people on concested roads). Until we conserve our water, they say
a moritorium on new building permits will be put in place. Like I really
want more buildings and this benefits me to have the moritorium lifted?
PLEASE! I urge all to open their faucets and let er rip!

This is SILLY. There are TOO many people here and it is destroying the
quality of life I knew growing up here (Daly City - Class of 1975
Serramonte High, born in French Hospital in SF - Now Kaiser I believe).
We all have to fight it or it will look like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipai,
or Singapore in a decade.

No-Growth Kirk out

Shawn Storm wrote:
> Today's TV News had a quote from an SFO airport spokesman that said ~"We are
> going to acquire at least 5000 acres from the Bay fill-in project. The
> environmentalists won't be happy about it. We are in the process of seeking
> plan approval". SFO will create a bird sanctuary to justify the new
> pollution! But who can sail on a bird pond?! It would be much better to
> expand an Airport near Pleasanton (the old Army base?) where there is space
> and this would better support the East Bay sprawl. We must insist that the
> Bay wet-real-estate has the same value as other appraised now-dry land, and
> is not to be had just for the construction cost. Besides greatly
> compromising our mid-bay sailing sites, this poorly conceived expansion will
> generate much more freeway congestion, jet noise, and nauseating melting
> tires! Please post the address to send our letters to? Let's all work
> together to fight this insane plan.
> -Shawn


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