sunday at the coast - gear sacrifice !

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Date: Mon Oct 26 1998 - 08:51:56 PST

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Pierre predicted that there might be some clearing winds sunday, so
I got all ready to go to the coast. Got to Davenport at 1, only to see
about 6 cars parked, one rigging and a couple people checking the
conditions. Nasty shore break, constant stuff breaking in the upper
reef, and lower reef looked ok at times, but definitely not the
nicest looking waves. No-one out yet. Heard most people were heading
for Scott's and 5 minutes later everybody had left (including the guy
rigging), so I decided to check scott.

Got to scott and was surprised to see the parking along the highway so
full. I soon realized why... huge mast high sets were coming in and
were the entire length of the beach ! about 20 or so people were
watching on the cliff a few brave soles going out (or not). Wind was
pretty good - 5.2 sizes and filled in. more and more people get getting
out (about a dozen at any one time) with about the same number crashing
back in. It was quite a sight! people we watching, cheering and feeling
pain for those getting slammed by those huge monsters....

during the 2 hours I was there watching, I counted 10 broken masts
(someone got 12) and at least 3 trashed sails with intact mast. Whoaaa !
I felt better about not going out... that was 1 out of 3 people trashing
their gear. Not a good ratio... nice spot to watch on the cliff, warm
in the sun and safe on land... :-)

the wind later died on the inside, the waves got smaller (still nasty
breaks though) and people were still throwing equipment at the
gods... shops must love those days...

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