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> Just see

It's kinda funny how they took that picture from a wide angle to make it seem
like those big-ass buildings are far away in the background, barely bigger than
the windsurfer. If they showed a windsurfer anywhere near those buildings, or
had used a telephoto lens for the same shot, the sailor would look like an ant
getting stomped by a sneaker. It just kinda pisses me off becuase when i first
saw that picture a minute ago, it fooled me too, and the only way to really
understand the impact of those buildings is to be familiar with sailing there,
and the layout of the whole area. Any third party who looks at that picture
will ask, "what's the big deal?", on account of that clever picture.

Perhaps if there's a photoshop guru on this list he/she could re-do that
picture to make the windsurfer appear dwarfed by the buildings like he really
would be. Or maybe re-take the photo and cut-and-paste in that same building
they used. Something to show just how huge those buildings really are. And
maybe show a more typical day at Coyote, when there's a couple hundred sailors!


Chris Rowe
Silicon Graphics, ASD Product Design 

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