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From: Greg Harris (harris@Synopsys.COM-DeleteThis)
Date: Fri Oct 23 1998 - 12:07:49 PDT

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I just want to say everyone on this list needs to take this very
seriously. If Coyote dies as a site, the impact to smaller sites is
going to be huge. Especially since Coyote is one of the few places on
the peninsula that you can always effectively sail. Think about it:
3rd, Tigers, Candlestick, Palo Alto can be or are affected by either the
tide or baseball games. Most of them don't have the space to accomodate
a large influx of more sailors.

I've also sailed behind the hotels at Aruba. I don't know any actual
mathematical numbers, but there's a reason why everyone sails in short
little circles and avoids going behind them like the plague. This can
have a huge impact.

Greg Harris

Dan Farmer wrote:
> I want to encourage all of us to take this seriously. There is a composite photo in the EIR showing where the buildings are proposed to go and what they'll look like. They're right by the water at the end of the property nearest our launch area.
> If no one objects to my sending a binary file to the group, I'll forward the jpeg file after lunch. It's about 100kB large.
> Hope this helps-
> -df
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> Dan Farmer
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