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From: Chris Kogelnik (kogelnik@interval.com-DeleteThis)
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 17:59:32 PDT

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Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 17:59:32 -0700
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From: Chris Kogelnik <kogelnik@interval.com-DeleteThis>
Subject: weekend update

I had a great 3 days of sailing:

Friday - Embassy Suites, 6.6, 8'11" (215lbs)
Picked this after stopping by a dead 3rd Ave around 4:15. WSW wind made
the reach just off the SFO runway lights. Great speed runs, fairly choppy
water. Plenty of wind, could have been on a 5.3 outside, but it was variable,
but never down enough to stop planing, even on the inside. Only 3 others out.
In my eagerness to get on the water I left the car keys in my jeans and locking
myself out, only realizing it after getting on the water. Thanks to the bellhop
and a wire hangar for getting me out of a jam. It was an unusual scene to be
asking for help in a hotel lobby in a dripping wetsuit while a 3D Bible
convention (whatever that is) was filing in and registering.

Saturday - 3rd Ave, 5.9, 8'11"
Fantastic sailing on the ebb from 1:15 to 4:20. The channel delivered -
nice ramps and great wind. The wind was all over the bay and I made one
crossing to within 1 mile of the Oakland airport. Coming back I momentarily
didn't get on a plane and thought what a stupid idea it was going out that
far, but fortunately that thought blew away quickly. It was strange to be
hardly able to see the barges at the start of the return. I don't know how
long it took, but water was set up to go very fast. My feet were dying for
strap relief after pressing for such a long reach.

Sunday - Waddell, 5.9, 8'11"
Wind picked up late, but was consistent, sailed from 4:30-6:00. The waves
were typically head or logo high, with quite a few sets over mast high. I
watched for a while, too chicken to go out. The waves were clean and pealed
nicely and I didn't have any problems getting out, but getting started was a
different story. I couldn't find a sandy part of the beach to launch from.
Every attempt seemed to be from a rocky bottom, with nasty holes and
outcroppings. Is it always like that or is it a seasonal sand ebb?
There were a bunch of fantastic sailors out. Someone did a massive forward
off a mast high wave -- totally awesome. Waddell did get the better of me
and I'm left with a few nice body dings from getting Maytagged with my

Not bad for end of the season!


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