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That was definitely me. I did see the other fellow on the red sail. He just
couldn't get up on a plane.

The big gear really helps!


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Coming back across GG bridge at 6PM yesterday saw one windsurfer cruising
along towards shore pretty nicely and figured it must be Justin (black &
white sail as I recall), as confirmed by today's posting. Only other sail
spotted had some red/orange and looked pretty forlorn (probably "only" a
7.0!). I learned that uphauling my new 7.5 was doable last Saturday at
Berkeley, but my back told me on Monday (fortunately not until after a
great 1.5 hours at Pt. Isabel on Sunday - Hello Zeev!) that I'd better
rethink that option (or at least technique). Cost me a good sailing
opportunity on Tuesday. However, improving slowly. Also, you will all be
blessed this Sunday as I am the sacrificial "wedding" lamb - my
stepdaughter's, that is....

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  Marina Bay & Wherever Windwings 7.5/6.7/5.8/4.9

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