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Scott, thanks for the tip on staying upwind on the inside. I was
wondering why I always seemed to be more powered coming in than going
out. When I was going out, I was trying to go faster by bearing off
but I think that was counterproductive as it got me deeper into the

As a Coyote regular, I can say this is almost always the case unless you
are seeing a wind direction that is coming in out of the north (at the beach)
or it's really cranking. I'll ususally go for a little bigger on the fin and
sacrifice trying to plane on the way out to gain the upwind advantage. Just
watch the sails on a westerly day and you'll see them vertical downwind near
the point while the folks up near the runways are ripping. You can really
make a difference by just walking 50 or 100 yds up from the rigging area on
some days. It helps a lot if its an ebb too!


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