Re: Sunday at the delta.....warm....sunny.....windy....sail naked....

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> Some of the fish in the river were shocked to see a naked human.......

What did the girl walking the dog have to say?


Scott of Coyote does a daily sail naked way upwind most days in August and he says a harness isn't allowed.... Then again, he isn't sailing where any can see him....

great story!

Coyote I had a fun 45 minutes on 5.5/285 Friday then it shut off.

Sat I sailed marginal 6.5/9'6" and had to walk up the beach when it shut off and we all drifted in...

Sun I watched a guy on a 8.3m^2 Sail and Seatrend 70 Flapper with 50cm fin try to get upwind and kept falling in attempting tacks due to no wind...Scott was also trying to get his board upwind and it (or lack of it) beat even him....he is one of the best... both gave up and I went home dry.

Kirk 230# out

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