Sunday at the delta.....warm....sunny.....windy....sail naked.... ...

Date: Mon Aug 17 1998 - 09:45:44 PDT

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Subject: Sunday at the delta.....warm....sunny.....windy....sail naked.... ...
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I am not sure where I saw it, but I recall August being
sail naked month - pretty sure I saw it somewhere on
windcall....the seed was planted.........

I woke up early sunday am to the sound of our wind chimes.
A quick check of the fog and windtalker confirmed my
expectations of good wind. Drove to Sherman early,
5:15 am, got there before sunrise, did not look very windy.
Since I made the early drive, I rigged my big kit (6.2/9'4", 207#)
and sat down to relax in the car. Befo I know it, the sun
is waking me up - I feel sweat, it felt good.
Noticed that at 7am there was only one person on the
water at the access, and he was slogging. I went out
and planed off the beach - nice sign. In the channel
the wind was solid and the swell were nice. Lots of fish
jumping to celebrate sail naked month....(all the fish were
naked in case you wanted to know)

I was able to sail waaayyyyy upwind, where the wind was
a solid 5.7 for me with big fat ramps from the port side. Not
sure how it changes, but it did. At 9am I was getting a bit
tired and thirsty so I stopped at one of the islands and
ate some blackberries: very peaceful and beautiful.
After a quick rest I blasted down the river getting some big
jumps off the backs of swells. Still no one else on the water.

After a very satisfying drink of water I took a nap in the
sun - it feels so good to sleep after sailing.

My hot wife, Joani, joined be at noon. The angel brough
food and cold beer - I am not worthy. Around 1:30 the wind
seemed to be picking up again, so Jo went out on 5.7/9'4"
and sloged most of the time. She came back took a short
break and the wind came back. At 2:30 she was fully powered
and came back in for some more downhaul. I was so amazed
and proud of my hot sailing wife - she had a major breakthrough
day. She was sailing as fast, if not faster then most guys, totally
in the footstraps, harnessed in, the sail raked way back, the gap
closed - yehaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! She was even attempting to pull
off some tacks. I was very impressed that she did not come
in to change to a smaller sail/board, as most people were
swapping stuff. I guess the downhill racer part of her
likes the speed......

In the past, when the tide would switch to an ebb, the swell
got to big for Jo to enjoy. Not yesterday, she was shredding
in the ebb. Now we are going to have to fight for who gets
to sail in the ebb.

The naked seed that was planted had to bloom in the warm air
and water of the delta. I sailed to the other side of the river and
took off all my clothes, except for harness of course. Sailed naked
in broad daylight for 1 hour. Got some interesting looks from the other
sailors - it was mostly double takes followed by the thumbs up and
a big smile. Some of the fish in the river were shocked to see a naked

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