RE: Best place to practice waterstarts

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Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 09:20:43 PDT

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Thanks for the info. What about Crown beach in Alameda and Sherman
island? I hear both places have shallow areas that are good to learn

Also, I wonder how many of these places have rental shops close to
them in case you need a different sail or a board. I know that
Coyote has ASD. I guess Coyote can be okay to learn waterstarts
after all if you stay close to the shore?


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> Subject: Re: Best place to practice waterstarts
> I would suggest that Coyote Pt is the WORST place to learn waterstarts.
> This yr, the wind has often been dead inside. I went there from
> Shoreline after I'd done a few waterstarts and it was awful as people
> say "rig 5oh" as it is blowing 22 outside and yet it is only 6-12
> inside. You often get swells inside from the outside wind and yet not
> enough wind for even us oldies to get a waterstart until we get a puff.
> Where I really learned was at San Luis where you can walk back upwind
> still in the water. Only later did I hear of 3rd Ave... Third, when the
> tide is right is also great as you can walk all the way to the channel
> so you can stand for waterstarts in both directions and not worry about
> tides bringing you downwind as you get your sail in position.
> Haskens for Flying Tigers would be good as I liked Tigers old launch due
> to high wind and the ability to stand and rest on either side of the
> small inlet. Water is Flat there which is nice too. Great for learning
> waterstarts.
> Candlestick is good if you start way upwind as you can always swim your
> board in if you get blown downwind and walk it back. Just be careful to
> measure how fast you can swim your gear in (don't derig) vs how far you
> get blown downwind.
> Crisy often sucks for waterstart learning just like Coyote due to large
> wind shadow near shore.
> I'd get Rhonda Smith's or one of the Gorge school's (I forget)
> waterstart video....The high wind waterstart one is great for teaching
> waterstarting at Coyote and 3rd with the swell/chop
> Good Luck!
> Kirk out
> ASD epoxy: 8'8" & 9' RKT & 9'6" no-nose CS, F2 Xantos285
> Wt 230#, Ht. 6'0", Usually sail on SF Bay, Cailf.
> >
> > Dmitri Medvedev wrote:
> > >
> > > Can anyone suggest a good location to practice waterstarts?
> > > I just learned how to waterstart in the ABK camp but we didn't
> > > have enough wind the next day for me to successfully waterstart
> > > once (I had a small rental sail). I guess an ideal waterstart
> > > location should be shallow so that you can clear the sail more
> > > easily to focus more on the technique. Thanks,
> >
> > I would suggest Coyote Point. It has a large sand beach and usually
> > you get enough wind on the beach to waterstart. You can just
> > walk a bit along the beach to get up-wind, the water is quite warm
> > too.
> >
> > But, please DO NOT do this in the launch area, move to the left or
> > to the right part of the beach.
> >
> > Have fun
> >
> > Vladimir

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