Several Days reports

Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 07:41:01 PDT

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Subject: Several Days reports
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Friday, 7/24, Bezerkely
Hey, did everyone read Willzone's article in Windsurfing?
Pretty interesting. This Friday was typical Berk - blowing
early, backing off, and then picking up again. Went out at
2:30 pm on 6.2/9'4" (207#), nicely powered, made it all the
way to the top of the peir. The wind was nicely filled in all the
way to the bay bridge. The circle was pretty dead. Best wind
was at the top of the pier. At 4pm, the backoff started, and I headed
back in - dinner plans. As I was de-rigging, the wind cranked
up. I think the next bit of gear I will buy will be a much larger
sail, in the 8.3 range, and a wide ass board.

Sat, 7/25, Sherman am, the park
Got to sherman at 5:30, looked light at powerlines/sign. Went
to park, rigged 5.7. Was just right with 8'8" enduro (I am still
207#). Solid wind until 8:30, smallish ramps. Major back off
at 8:45,almost dead by 9am. I stayed on the water until 11, playing
with floaty board - practicing those heli tacks, attempting duck

Sun, 7/26, Sherman am, the park
Pretty much a repeat of Sat. Got there a bit later (6am), too much
beer the on Sat. night. 5.7/Enduro, the ramps were a bit larger,
especially way upwind of the park. Sailed until 10am, wild
downwind run to get back to launch, fun port side jumps off the
back of the swells.


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