Re: story + question + safety

Date: Fri Jul 17 1998 - 09:35:16 PDT

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TD wrote:

<<Plenty of good ol fashioned ass kickin does a lot for learning the ropes.
Another terrific incentive is that we are entering 'red season.' Thats right,
time for the landlord of the red triangle to collect the rent. Shark Season!
Just think about that when you blow a jibe with your little black limbs
dangling down underneath the water just chumming to the tune of 'Jaws'. That
will get you to start making your jibes. It certainly did for me.>>

Even jibes can't keep the landlord from knocking down the door.
Didn't that guy whose board got chomped a few years ago (Waddell, I think)
just come out of a jibe?


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