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Tony's right. The toughest part of surviving in waves is learning how to
out through them. That doesn't have anything to do with jibing so you can
start learning that before you learn to jibe.
If you are comfortable with crashing/reorging/waterstarting in the red
triangle you don't need your jibes.
Be aware that if you are used to taking Crissy/Third length reaches you will
be well out in the ocean when you turn around. Most of the good sailors
be staying much closer into shore and there are NO boats so if you break
you will have a hard time getting anyone's attention or assistance. I'd
recommend sailing with a buddy even more so than on the bay.
Jeff Milum
Sales Force Automation Sales Team
Western Region


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<<The pro guy said I don't even have to have any of my jibes down, just go
get you're ass kicked cause it's gonna get kicked anyway, just don't go
when it's mast high. The other guy said I should have my jibes down to
where I'm consistenly nailing essentially 100% of them. Any input?

Plenty of good ol fashioned ass kickin does a lot for learning the ropes.
Another terrific incentive is that we are entering 'red season.' Thats
time for the landlord of the red triangle to collect the rent. Shark Season!
Just think about that when you blow a jibe with your little black limbs
dangling down underneath the water just chumming to the tune of 'Jaws'. That
will get you to start making your jibes. It certainly did for me.

All I ask is just stay out of the way of people riding the waves who kind of
look like they know what they're doin. Waddell is good because its wide with
lots of room to spread out. Learn the rules and right of way, and have a
great time!

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