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> Francois Jouaux []
> Monday, July 13, 1998 3:52 PM
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> Re: Sherman/Sign
>I think Ed did not mean to forbid non jibers to go learn at third.
>The original poster said that it was his second time at third, he
>could not jibe, jumped a lot and crashed a lot in the channel. He had
>a great time, fine.
>I think Ed just meant that going out and enjoying the channel on a
>strong ebb / wind at third requires rescue gear, a sailing buddy and
>some getting used to.
>It is a long way to the shore, very rough, and any break down or
>board separation is unforgiving. You don't want to spend the night on
>one of the barges anchored outside.

As someone who, I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit, cannot jibe after
5 years of sailing here in the bay area I have to agree. You don't
have to jibe to be safe in the open bay. You do have to sail smart,
carry safety gear, be able to waterstart consistently, and know your
limits. But then, that sorta applies even if you jibe doesn't it?

I moved to shortboarding from learning on a transition board my 1st
season. As soon as I could water start I was following my buddy out
in the bay at Coyote. I live near Coyote and almost always sail there.
I get far fewer days in than most on the list due to work/family so
I don't have much patience to work on jibing besides Coyote is probably
one of the worst places to learn to jibe.

I love the speed, the jumps (I even land one once and a while), and more
speed. When it's time to turn around I've mastered the art of pointing
her up wind, stalling, and stepping over the nose to drop in the water in
perfect waterstarting position. Most of the time I can keep the sail dry
and be back up and planing without much more effort than a jibe I think
(and I don't lose any downwind distance).

I'm sure someone will come back and tell me that if I don't jibe, I don't
windsurf. I do want to get it down someday. Maybe a trip to Aruba!
I'm probably not far from making a shortboard tack. I know one thing
for sure, I do so much waterstarting that I'm just about convinced I
could waterstart a 2x4. ;)


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