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Actually, Third is a hell of a place to learn period. In fact, if you
still wear booties Third is NOT the place to be. Think of how your
suppose to feel your way down the ramp during high tide. Also, speed
harness users should Never go in the water at 3rd.....the more chances
of catapulting after a fin catching session at low tide on screaming

Honestly, 3rd is the BEST place to learn jibing during low tide (just
watch the sandbars!)
It's also fun just watching the seasoned sailors.

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Sorry but that does come off a bit patronizing and snobbish - sending
everyone who can't jibe to Tigers or Candlestick. Its like saying
who can't loop shouldn't sail Maui.

Ed Scott <> on 07/13/98 02:22:03 PM

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>On that note, 3rd on Saturday was excellent, one of my best days ever.
>Powered up on a 5.3/278 (170lbs) for most of the afternoon. Only my
>second time at 3rd, got some good air in the channel along with some
>good wipeouts. After one of the bigger ones, when I came up for air I
>realized that there's something missing from this sport. You don't
>leave a crater. Lots of sports, when you go big and screw up, you
>leave a mark on the world, like a big hole in the snow or a divot on
>the green or what have you. In windsurfing, the spray blows off and
>the wave just rolls on by like nothing happened.

>Spent a few hours at Flying Tigers on Sunday, good powered up 5.3
>sailing. I still can't jibe, &*%#*%. Participated in a bit of a
>rescue, but I'll let the more involved party tell that one if they
>feel like it.

Not to sound too patronizing, but if you can't jibe, Third is a hell of
place to learn. You might want to consider nailing them before going
to Third too much. It's a great way to get tired and be dragged
requiring third party intervention.

In contrast, Flying Tigers and Candlestick are great places to learn to


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