Re: Epic Sherman sailing

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Date: Mon Jul 13 1998 - 08:12:16 PDT

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From: Jerry Gardner <>
Subject: Re: Epic Sherman sailing

At 12:58 PM 7/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Fri morning the wind was solid and the ebb was
>very large. Sailed the Sign from 6am-9am, 4.8/8'8"
>Enduro (207#). Very powered. Has been a long time
>since I have used a sail that small.
>Awesome ramps - nicely shaped, very large, and
>from a great direction making for 'hospital' air on the starboard
>tack and
>fun rides on the way out. Jibes were a blast on the
>faces of the swells since the water on the faces
>was very smooth. Almost felt like real waves.
>Made the drive this morning from home and gut skunked.
>People were either on large stuff or doing the hula.

I was there as well. Also Wednesday and Thursday am's. 5.2 Wed, 4.6 Thurs
and Fri (I used a 4.0 for a brief period Friday. 140#) Excellent all three
days. The wind all three days seemed to back off at sunrise, then build back
up. COW is still a bit hard to adjust to the actual wind. IMHO if its over
15 and ebbing, make the drive.

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