Re: Gorge rentals

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Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 16:44:41 PDT

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Chris Kogelnik wrote:
> I'm planning a trip to the Gorge and am looking for recommendations
> on renting equipment, a van or large car, places to stay in Hood River
> or nearby and interesting things to do other than windsurf.

We were camping in the Tucker Park. It was very nice, not windy ;-),
no trains, and directly on the Hood river. It was about 10 min to drive
from the Hood River city, which is in the middle of the Gorge area. Most
other campsites which are closer to the windsurfing spots are also very close
to the train rails, so they are quite loud.

I have no idea about rental cars there, but would suggest, that it will
be cheaper to rent a van elsewhere. Anyway, you can rent the gear for about
$50/day, i.e. a board with two sails. We had our own stuff, so I have
no personal experience. Another tip: just spend one morning walking down
the main street and collect infos in winsurfing shops. The people are very
kind there. also have a list of campsites. You can find
some rental prices for orientation under

Have fun!


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