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Since I have been on the San Luis Sailboard Safety Patrol for a few years,

thought I would add to the info.

Headquarters phone # 209 826 1196
Wind talker# 209 826

Camping is availble in 3 areas. Basalt - the entrance is at the top of
the dam. The
campground is above the entrance at the first left turn. These sites are
a lot like the
ones at Brannon Island in the Delta. Little numbered driveways, hot
showers, water
and electrical hookups. There is also a dump station available.

    Check 12 - this site is on the Santa Cruz side of the O'Neal (sp?)
Forebay. Drive
past the right turn to the sailing area and take the first left. The road
meanders between
the hills and takes you northwest a mile or so. Again the campsites are
with little driveways, water, electrical. There are no showers at check

    Finally my favorite, camping in the dirt on the Medeiros side. As has
been previously
mentioned, this area is exposed, right on the water, and can be very hard
to sleep
when the wind is up. There are no improvements, bring lots of water if
you are camping.

There is a light system for boating. The red light on the forebay or big
lake indicates
sustained wind speeds in excess of 25 mph. When this happens the lake or
are closed to boaters. To sail on the big lake you need a buddy, and each
of you need
to carry a survival kit, (rope, mirror, flare etc...)

The water level can vary quite a bit. if there are any shoals visible on
either side
use extreme caution as there are several areas where the water may be very

shallow. (don't ask how I know this) The weeds have started coming in
you will definitely need a weed fin when the water level is below 220. I
sailed there late in the season with the water level at 222+ and not used
a weed
fin. Another problem with the reported water level is they record the
in the morning, and the level can be very different in just a few hours.

The forebay can be a great place to sail if you are looking for relatively

flat water.

my .02


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