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Racing this weekend at the SFYC was a blast. I almost got 9th place in
the SF Classic on Saturday. I say almost b/c I was in 9th place going
to the finish line, but I did not know where the easternmost gap in
the Berkeley pier was, so I went too deep and lost 7 places as I
tacked back up the pier. Ughh. However, 16th place in the classic is
nothing to be ashamed of.

Rob Hartman got first in the Classic.
Mike Z. got first in the Ultra Nectar.

We had course racing on Sunday. It was really fun.

Wind was fairly strong. I carried an 8.2 in the Classic and a 8.2 and
7.7 in the course racing.

Next race is next Friday at 5:30 at the SFYC.

Next year, the SFYC might hold the US Nationals Windsurfing
Championships. It is still undetermined.

On Saturday's race, I got a bad fin cut on my leg. When I finally went
to the doctor on Sunday night, he told me that I should have come in
immediately so that it could have been sewed up. You can't get a cut
sewed up after 7 hours, and if you don't get it sewed up, supposedly
it takes longer to heal and scars much more.

However, I bet if I went in Saturday night, the doc would have told me
not to sail on Sunday.

The doc said that I've got to keep my leg dry for a week. Ughhh. But
I've got a race on Friday. Does anybody have any practical advice for
deep cuts and these situations?

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